Drummer Available Leicester


Professional drummer, composer and tutor based in Leicestershire


I can turn my hand(s)(and feet) to most things: rock, blues, funk, jazz, reggae, punk, sambas, mambas, salsas, bossonovas, weird time signatures, polyrhythms, soul, hip-hop, etc. are all within my capability. I am especially prone to outbursts of funky jazz/rock fusion drumming, and enjoy playing extended improvisations. So if you're looking for a drummer, please feel free to contact me with any relevant links to your websites, music files, YouTube films. For session work, I based my fee on a per project basis I'm open to negotiation and will always try and meet your budget. My extensive range of high quality drums and cymbals will certainly give your project's drum sound the edge over the rest.

CALL 0116 2627142 or email me


Maple Sonor SQ2

(Rosewood Veneer)


Since July 2008 I have played a beautiful Sonor Kit. Custom built, the craftsmanship is unmatched. It weighs a tonne but sounds amazing. I feel very lucky to own such a fantastic kit. This only comes out for special occasions (or enough money).

Sonor SQ2 specifications:

Bass drum 22"x18"

1st tom 10"x7"

2nd tom 12"x8"

3rd tom 14"x14"

4th tom 16"x16"

Snare 14"x6.5"


Birch Highwood Custom Lite (Jellybean Sparkle)


My regular gigging kit is small, light, looks amazing and sounds fantastic. I bought it after gigging with my Sonor kit a few times and wishing I had something lighter. Whilst I record with my Sonor kit, the Highwood kit is just so much fun to play live.

Highwood Custom Lite specifications:

Rack Tom 10"x12"

Floor Tom 14"x14"

Bass Drum 18"x16"


(Photo: Highwood Drums, 2011)


  • Improvisation
  • Drum Tuition
  • Research
  • Polemic Music


Evil Dick: Humbole Mambo

This piece is a mambo most of the time, apart from when it's a bossa nova.


Evil Dick: O Mediocracy

This swingy reggae tune turned out to be a concert favourite.



Evil Dick Chocolate Biscuits

This piece contains an example of drum programming in Digital Performer.